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7 in one Smartwatch

The same watch ultra 7in1 is a cutting-edge wearable technology that combines style, functionality, and convenience. This sleek smartwatch is designed to keep you connected and in control of your daily activities while adding a touch of sophistication to your wrist. With its advanced features and versatile capabilities, the 7 in 1Smart Watch Ultra is the ultimate companion for tech-savvy individuals on the go

Quality mini pulse therapy massager

Helps with muscle pain, soreness. Self-training at home. Feeling achy or sore on your back, shoulder, waist, snap on the massager pads and instantly begin to enjoy the benefits

Waterproof Wireless Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancellation technology helps to block out external sounds, providing an immersive listening experience, especially useful in noisy environments like commuting or during workouts.

Wool, Hair Dust Remover

Our sticky sheets are environmentally friendly and recyclable! Our package 1 handle and 5 sticky sheets togeter 360 sheets, Not only these refills can satisfy your whole year of use but also you don’t have to worry about the impact of paper on the environment!

Hand made black leather bracelet

Blackstone beed with black pendant

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